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Best Weighted Blankets In India

May 02, 2022

Top picks in Weighted Blankets in India

Weighted blankets provide an even distribution of pressure and constant sensory input that is helpful in relieving stress and anxiety, resulting in a better sleep experience.

This time our top pick is Mysa Weighted Blanket for its extremely comfortable, premium-quality fabric and build. It is a therapeutic weighted blanket that helps in achieving improved sleep and also reduces anxiety.

If you have spent endless sleepless nights tossing and turning, it is probably the time to switch to a weighted blanket. These comfortable therapeutic might look or feel like a regular comforter, however, they are way more comfortable than any other normal blanket because of the stuffing of glass beads. The filling of glass beads along with the premium-grade fabric makes them a great weighted blanket with an optimized pressure to relax the body while sleeping. 

The consistent pressure exerted by the blanket gives a feeling of being swaddled or hugged which enhances the production of serotonin and dopamine. These are the naturally occurring chemical compounds to keep our bodies calm, relaxed, and stress-free. Our bodies then convert these chemical compounds into melatonin, which makes us fall asleep.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Studies have proven the soothing impact caused by weighted blankets is therapeutic for both kids and adults suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, autism, and ADHD. They can only be considered as an effective means to fall asleep faster and sleep cycle enhancers for anyone using these blankets.

  1. The advantages or benefits of using a weighted blanket are not confined to nighttime sleep or napping either. 
  2. You can snuggle up in the weighted blanket anytime you want to feel comfortable or relax your body. 
  3. The feel and touch of the blanket give better comfort to the body. 
  4. You can get swaddled whenever you are anxious, stressed, or experiencing any body ache. 

The weighted blanket is a perfect go-to place for relieving it all with a hug.

Here at Weighted Blanket India, we take a sleep cycle very seriously. That’s why we have reviewed and strolled through a variety of customers and expert critiques to discover the best-weighted blankets you may buy. 

1Mysa Weighted Blanket – Cooling Tencel Material with Premium Glass BeadsWebsite
2Mysa Sleep 7 Kg Weighted Blanket – Cooling Breathable Microfiber with Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
3SleepyCat Cotton Single Size 7 KG Weighted Blanket with Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
4Mysa Sleep 5.5 Kg Bamboo Weighted Blanket – 100 % Cooling Bamboo Oeko-Tex Certified Fabric with Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
5Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Cotton Weighted Blanket, Made with Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
6Mysa Sleep 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket + Premium Minky Fabric with Natural Glass BeadsAmazon
7Divine Casa Cotton Single Size 5 KG Weighted Blanket with Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
8House of Charu Cotton Material Filled with High Density Glass BeadsAmazon
9Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Cotton Weighted Blanket, Made with Pockets of Premium Glass BeadsAmazon
10House of Charu | All Season Blanket | Indigo – Cotton Weighted Blanket | Cotton Material Filled with High Density Glass BeadsAmazon

(Table 1)


The weighted blanket is judged as best or worst based on a few aspects including fabric, feel, comfort, premium quality, stuffing (glass beads), size and weight. Once you are able to find the best one as per your requirements, your sleep cycle and body aches are satiated. Our research (Table 1) shows that almost all of these expectations are fulfilled by Mysa Sleep Blankets being on the top. Followed by other blankets from Sleepy Cat, and Doctor Dreams in the Top 5.