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How to Choose a Perfect sized Weighted Blanket?

May 30, 2022

Should you choose a weighted blanket specific to a bed size?

A weighted blanket is always for the person on the bed not for the bed, so it’s the size or dimensions of the person that matters more than of a bed.
Here is everything you need to figure out, how heavy a weighted blanket should be? Just follow, “The 10% Rule”: 

Not any sort of hard and fast rule. Generally, this 10% rule explains that a weighted blanket should be ten percent of the person’s body weight, especially for adults. For children, the blanket should add up to 1-2 pounds extra. 


All that is desired is a weighted blanket that has a manageable weight. The person using it should be more comfortable and can sleep calmly, as the weight of the blanket puts a significant amount of pressure on some deep pressure points in the body. A weighted blanket is a proven solution for reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
Choosing a perfect-sized weighted blanket is sometimes tricky, therefore, it’s advised to start with a weighted blanket weighing 10 percent of the person’s body weight. Then, increase the weight if required depending on the individual’s analysis. 

Size Chart for Weighted Blanket

As we have discussed above, the general formula for calculating the weight of a weighted blanket should be according to the ten percent rule that, the blanket should weigh 10% of your body weight. But there is a possibility of slight disparity thus there is a size chart given below to help you analyze what should be the recommended weight of your weighted blanket. 

The Select Weight Chart has a column of Body Weight (in LB) on the left with a corresponding Blanket Weight (in LB) in the right column. 

Choose Your Size Chart has again two columns differentiating Bed Size (left) and Blanket Size (right).
With the help of these charts, you can easily choose your blanket with a perfect size according to your body dimensions. 

* 1 LB = 0.45 KG (approx).

Should Children Use Weighted Blankets?

There are certain things to remember while choosing weighted blankets for children. First of all, children who are 3-5 years in age or under 50 pounds in weight should never be given any weighted blanket to use. These children don’t possess the fine motor skills to bear the weight of weighted blankets. They cannot handle or move the blanket away if they feel overheated, burdened, or suffocated. Secondly, the children should never be given an adult-sized blanket ever. It will considerably be very heavy for children to manage. Next, the children with cardiac or respiratory issues, or some other health issues, should not be allowed to use weighted blankets. This can be very dangerous to their health.  

How Heavy a Weighted Blanket is suggested for an Adult?

The weighted blanket is not for the bed, it should be for the person as per the individual requirements. It is suggested that a weighted blanket should be large (lengthwise) enough to cover a person from the chin to the feet. And the width should be enough to comfortably wrap the person underneath both the edges (left and right) of the body.

The use of a weighted blanket stimulates the pressure points of those parts of the body that are covered with a weighted blanket. The calmness in nerves, improved circulation, and reduction in the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, are some of the main benefits associated with the weighted blanket. 

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Therefore, the selection of weighted blankets is done on the basis of a general ten percent rule to avoid any struggle related to weight and uncomfortable usage of the blankets.