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Weighted blanket Ultimate Guide: all your questions are answered

July 20, 2022

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blanket is not any regular blanket, it is a premium blanket that provides great comfort and enhances the sleep experience. 

We have found a therapeutic product for people who love having a peaceful and balanced sleep cycle and it is Mysa Sleep weighted blanket.

It is advised to use a weighted blanket as it provides deep pressure therapy because of the fillers inside it. The weighted blanket generally weighs somewhat between 5-30 pounds. 

The weight of the blanket exerts a certain amount of pressure on the human body which increases the production of serotonin hormone; a hormone that enhances the feeling of happiness and calmness.

Weighted blankets are the most comfortable way of attaining an effective sleep cycle within no time.

They are also beneficial for people dealing with several disorders, the use of weighted blankets during sleep helps in concentration and focus for the upcoming schedule.

What should be an ideal weight of a weighted blanket?

The 10% thumb rule is used to select an ideal weighted blanket. For adults, the rule says that the weight of a weighted blanket should be 10% of the person’s body weight. To learn about the suitable weight of the weighted blanket for you, refer to the size guide.   

The guide has a detailed analysis of the weighted blanket’s weight as per the individual body weight and size.

Are weighted blankets safe for kids’ use?

Undoubtedly, weighted blankets provide immense calm and comfort during sleep but their use is not safe for kids weighing less than 20 pounds. 

Also, the age of kids should be more than 2 years even if the weight exceeds 20 pounds. 

The reason behind the restriction for kids is that infants or children below 2 years of age do not possess fine motor skills. They are unable to get themselves out of the blanket when they feel overheated which can cause suffocation and other problems.

If for a matter, the kid is above the age of 2 then it’s advised to get kids size weighted blanket. The adult-sized weighted blanket can be very heavy for children.

An important note, a kid must be taught to pull off or adjust the blanket in case of suffocation and overheating. 

Children should be given weighted blankets only when they are able to manage the blankets on their own. Otherwise, parents should not force the weighted blanket on their children irrespective of any benefits.

Not only the children but even the adults also should not be forced to use the weighted blanket against their will. People with special needs should only use weighted blankets when they feel they are helpful.

So, as per safety concerns, any issue faced during the management of a weighted blanket should be a big no for use.

Is it good to share a weighted blanket?

There is no problem in sharing a king-sized or queen-sized weighted blanket curated for couples. But before sharing a weighted blanket, ensure that the difference in the individual body weight should not be drastic.

For an instance, a weighted blanket for a body weight of 120 points would create different comfort and exertion of weight in comparison to the one weighing 220 pounds. Both the users would need a completely distinct effect of weight through deep pressure touch.

While purchasing a weighted blanket for sharing, both the partners should consider an optimized weight of the blanket so that it’s beneficial individually for both the sharers. 

Sharing a king-sized or queen-sized weighted blanket would definitely cost lesser in comparison to individual blankets.

Precisely, only the cost doesn’t matter. If proper weight is not available in the blanket then it can’t exert an appropriate amount of pressure, which in turn is not going to serve the required benefits. 

So, in case of drastic weight differences, the idea of sharing a weighted blanket is not wise enough.

How to choose the best fabric for a weighted blanket?

Fabric is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a weighted blanket as it needs to be suitable for the skin of an individual.

Weighted blankets are available in a variety of fabrics including:

Apart from accurate size, comfortable fabric is another concern. The choice of fabric varies from person to person. Some people prefer cotton, some feel extreme comfort in microfiber, and some prefer any other fabric. 

There are a few factors to consider while making a choice for the fabric.

Starting with a factor of temperature, it is always good to analyze the temperature of the fabric. People who feel colder and prefer a warm hug of a blanket, then they should opt for a fabric like cotton.

For people who barge into a sweaty ordeal or suffer from hormonal disbalance, light-weighted fabrics like cotton or bamboo viscose would be great.

Thus, it’s necessary to look at the build quality, temperature, cooling and heating quality, weight, sensitivity for skin, and more of the fabric of a weighted blanket. The fabric should be hypoallergenic, soft to touch and feel, eco-friendly, etc. 

Choose a weighted blanket for its fabric and associated benefits according to individual preferences.  

Choose a filler for a weighted blanket

Weighted blanket is all about the filler, so it’s always a great strategy to choose a filler that makes the blanket more comfortable for use.

Glass beads are such type of fillers that are breathable and are evenly distributed for the even exertion of pressure on the human body.

Plastic pellets or microbeads for that matter are a little uneven in distribution resulting in unequal exertion of pressure on the body.

So, while looking at the fabric and size of the weighted blanket, choosing the correct filler is equally important.  

A filler should make the blanket manageable as glass beads are high-quality fillers and also sand is definitely an affordable filler but among the two, sand filler brings a lot of difficulty during the wash.

After coming in contact with water, the sand forms lumps or can swell, resulting in a discrepancy in the comfort of the blanket after it is washed. 

Like sand, there is another inexpensive filler, it is rice filler. Again rice filler can be tough to manage after the wash.

All such organic fillers including rice, beans, etc. can highly impact the softness, heat, touch, and feel of the blanket after the wash.

Therefore, glass beads or poly pellets are highly recommended as a filler for weighted blankets. They ensure durability, comfort, and quality.    

Is it important to cover a weighted blanket?

Safety is the key to durability. If you have given thoughts during the selection of fabric, size, filler, and texture of the weighted blanket then why not the safety with cover.

A weighted blanket needs to be protected if it’s used on a daily basis because it is not possible to wash the blanket very frequently and that’s where the duvet cover is helpful.   

A duvet cover can save the weighted blanket from coming in contact with dust, spilling, and more. 

There are many duvet cover options and it’s better to cover the weighted blanket so that you can wash the outer duvet cover when required. No need to wash the blanket. 

Try and select the duvet covers based on the quality, fabric, and then price. Sometimes, cheaper covers can be a bad decision so rely on the ones that are durable and can protect the blankets well.

It is a good idea to spend a little more for once to get a better quality product for durability. 

Is it difficult to maintain a weighted blanket?

Every fabric has its own safety and care instructions. Some fabrics can be easily washable whereas others might need dry cleaning. 

Generally, the weighted blankets can be easily washed at home. But if they are heavy to weigh more than five pounds then it’s advised to go through the care instruction of the product.  

For heavy blankets, there are solutions like washing with hands or dry cleaning, as and when required.

A weighted blanket should not be washed on a frequent basis as regular washing might deteriorate the weight, comfort, durability, and quality of the blanket.


As per the reviews, Mysa Sleep weighted blankets can be a one-stop solution for many body aches, sleep disorders like insomnia, etc.

There is end number of benefits of using a weighted blanket. The task is to choose the right one for you. 

To do that, consider the quality, fabric, comfort, filler, price, and more. 

Firstly, analyze the reason for which a weighted blanket is required. How can it be helpful in treating the cause?

Another thing to consider is the selection of fabric. You should understand the texture or feel of the fabric while purchasing the weighted blanket. The fabric should be breathable, hypoallergenic, and chemical-free. The comfort of the fabric depends on the body type. 

Then there are fillers that need attention as they play an important role in the case of optimized exertion of weight and pressure on the body.

Apart from these aspects, there is another factor of cost of the weighted blanket. Here also a wise selection is required because not every expensive thing is good and cheap is bad, vice a versa. 

But if you are satisfied with the comfort, touch, feel, fabric, size, and filling of the blanket then try to purchase a reasonable high-quality blanket.

Make a note that a weighted blanket is something we consider a health investment, so it’s always suggested to not compromise with anything. 

This guide can be a great buddy for you to help. Take advantage of this and choose the best-weighted blanket for yourself. 

Get rid of all the aches and sleep disorders! It’s time for you to enjoy a healthy, and peaceful sleep cycle.